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Msza Święta przed obrazem Boga Ojca:
dni powszednie – godz. 6.55
niedziele i święta – godz. 7.30

NOWENNA do Boga Ojca –
każdy poniedziałek po Mszy św.
w powierzonych intencjach


A novena

A Hymn:
Antiphon: You alone are Holy, Lord, our God (repeat)
1.Great and strange/ are your deeds. Lord, God Almighty.
2.Right and just/ are your ways/ King of all ages.
3.Who will not fear/ You, Lord and will not worship Your Name?
4. You alone are the Holy one/and all nations will come giving you homage
5.All Judgement is yours/ and becomes known to all peoples
6. Glory be to the Father/ and to the Son/ and to the Holy Spirit
7. As it was at the beginning is now and ever shall be for all ages

A Litany to God the Father
Kyrie eleison — Christe Eleison — Kyrie Eleison.
Christ hear us, Christ graciously hear us
Father from heaven — God — have mercy on us.
Son, Redeemer of the world — God — have mercy on us.
Holy Spirit — God — have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity — One only God — have mercy on us.

God, Father who art in heaven,
Receive our worship,
God, eternal and infinite Father,
God, Our Father whose glory surpasses our understanding,
God, Our Father, perfect and unchangeable,
God, Our Father, You who are the beginning and purpose of all creatures,
God, Our Father, who from the beginning has been giving birth to your beloved Son – Your own Word,
God, Our Father, who loved people so much, that you surrendered your only Son to death for our salivation,
God, Our Father whose most kind providence is watchful and protective,
God, Our Father, whose incomprehensible holiness is glorified by the angels and saints in heaven,
God, Our Father, ruling the Church of Christ on earth through the Holy Spirit,
God, Our Father, You who created us in your own image,
God, Our Father, Who deserves the highest worship and the deepest love,

God, 0ur Father, through your love towards Jesus Christ, Your Son,
We beg you, have mercy on us,
God, Our Father, through the Incarnation of Your Son Jesus Christ,
God, Our Father, through the Suffering and Death of Your Son Jesus Christ,
God, Our Father, through the Resurrection and Ascension of your Son Jesus Christ,
God, Our Father, through the numberless bloodless sacrifices of the Mass. Which offer
your Son Jesus Christ for us,
God the Father, hear us,
God the Father, hear us,

From pride of mind,
Protect us, O God the Father,
From ungratefulness and lukewarmness with regard to Your fatherly heart,
From unfaithfulness with regard to your Son Jesus Christ,
From negligence of the inspirations of the Holy Spirit,
From doubtfulness of your most merciful love,
From indifference of heart and selfishness (self-determination),
Under the protection of your most merciful providence,

With our minds fixed upon your truth,
Grant us, God our Father,
a will united with your will,
a unity with you which is more perfect,
to be with you till the end of time
to work for the salvation of other souls,

humility in true wisdom,
a love of purity,
real joy of heart united with you
to become a more perfect likeness of your only son,
Jesus Christ,
O God the Father, hear us,
O God the Father, graciously hear us
O God the Father, have mercy on us.

O God, Father Almighty and Merciful Lord, who through your word created everything and in your wisdom created man to rule over everything you created, the whole world in your sight is like a grain of sand on the scales or a drop of morning dew which falls to the ground. You are merciful because all is in you power and you close your eyes to the sins of people so that they should repent. You love all your creatures, you protect everything because everything belongs to you, O Merciful Lord, Lover of life. Everything is your immortal breath….
When man because of his disobedience lost your friendship, you did not leave him under the power of death. You sent your only Son to save us. You, together with your Son, sent the Holy Spirit to lead us along the straight path to holiness. You also, each day of our 1ives, out of your generosity, give us many gifts.
With a sincere heart, we thank you, best of all fathers, for all the natural and supernatural gifts you give us, especially for the gifts of grace received when we pray before your holy likeness.
However, we often disobeyed and did not believe in you and our ways are not your ways. Give us therefore the strength to fight all that is in us which is contrary to your will.
Our Father, you who are so gracious and kind, grant us, even though unworthy to be called your children, the desires of our hearts. We pray to you, but let your will be done, because you know what is best for us. We have the good will, the resolution and the desire to follow the path of your commandments, and through our lives to proclaim your glory and kindness, to propagate respect and piety towards you, O God our Father, presented to us in this image and known from your miracles, to you glory be for ever.

(Any Hymn to God the Father)

Should anybody receive a grace white praying before this painting of God the Father, we
would like to request that they send any information with details to the following
Congregation of the Servants of Jesus,
45 Wesoła St.
25-363 Kielce
Tel.: 41 3616859 or 413443114