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Msza Święta przed obrazem Boga Ojca:
dni powszednie – godz. 6.55
niedziele i święta – godz. 7.30

NOWENNA do Boga Ojca –
każdy poniedziałek po Mszy św.
w powierzonych intencjach


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In the chapel of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Servants of Jesus (without habit) in Kielce, 45 Wesoła Street, there is a painting of God the Father which has been venerated for a very long time because of the graces people received. This picture was given to the convent by Anastazy Rogowski.
More and more people are taking an interest in this picture and they express their devotion by sending thanksgiving letters for the graces received along with a request to offer Holy Mass before this picture for important intentions. They also show their devotion by sending replicas of the picture along with history and their requests for novena prayers.

The chapel where the painting of God the Father hangs is visited by the faithful from all over the country. These people come with a deep faith, asking God the Father for graces for themselves and for their family and friends.
By printing this pamphlet, we would like to spread the word of this religious icon, especially to those who are in need of help.
This pamphlet contains the history of the painting which was discovered under rather extraordinary circumstances. Also the text for a novena to God the Father which may be said after Holy Mass each Monday (the day when the act of creation took place) at 7 o’clock in the chapel of the Congregation in Kielce. To those who pray before this icon of God the Father, we wish grace and fruitful prayer.